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Cheeseburger/blow job

Posted by on October 17, 2006

Lad: I was watching an episode of Frontline that claimed cheeseburgers and orgasms release roughly the same amount of seratonin into the brain.

Didofoot: I am skeptical.

Sean: Was it a gender-specific study?

Didofoot: Good question, because that just doesn’t sound right to me.

Sean: Whereas Gene and I are thinking, ‘Hm…cheeseburger…blow job…yes, that seems fair.’

2 Responses to Cheeseburger/blow job

  1. matt

    So wait a minute, the total amount of seratonin released during the split-second orgasm is equal to the amount of seratonin released during the multi-minute consumption of a cheeseburger? So it’s basically like the difference between doing a shot of liquor and drinking a glass of beer. Right? It’s not that cheeseburgers and orgasms are interchangeable, it’s just that they’re appropriate for different occasions depending on the needs of the consumer.

  2. anon

    It’s also like saying that a handshake and a fingerbang involve approximately the same amount of interpersonal physical contact.

    Context matters.

    I really hope that the researchers know slightly more than the media that reports the research. Goddamn pop science.

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