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My raincoat to little girls

Posted by on October 5, 2006

What tickles me is seeing how many freelance writing ads on Craigslist offer “exposure” in place of “salary.” Fellas, if I wanted exposure I’d be opening my raincoat to little girls. What I want is rent money.

I am a cab driver in a virtual city, see? There are thousands of us. Some of us drive better than others; some of us know when to tell you a long story about our weird scab and when to be all business; some of us understand exactly when we should pull over so your drunk friend can stumble out of the car and be sick. We can be clumsy, barely competent, or we can be virtuosos, kings of the road. But on the outside, all our cabs look basically the same. So no, I will not drive you somewhere simply because you “promise to tell your friends” about me. Your friends will not be able to find my cab, and they won’t really care whether they do or not.

What breaks my heart is not how many world-class dopes there are who post these poorly-spelled, ungrammatical ads, but how many foolish writers must be eagerly applying for these. Come on, my people. You can do better than this.

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