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Fabulous, Harry, I love the feathers.

Posted by on May 22, 2006

Got woken up at 9:30 today after going to bed at 5:00 a.m. Why at 5:00, you ask? Because Thomas and his flatmate and I were up until then downloading Disney songs and singing along. The Lad, who woke me up this morning talking to another flatmate and then came back to bed, said “When did you go to sleep?”

“Five,” I said groggily.

“Stupid,” he said.

“We were downloading Disney,” I said.

“Stupidest,” he said correctly and went back to sleep. I am thinking of tracking down some of the lettuce slugs from yesterday and leaving them on his face. You know, for a lark.

Ha, they seem to have resumed the roadwork going on just outside the front door. This means the fellows will also be prevented from sleeping. My misery is looking forward to its company; it’s putting little bowls of peanuts out and making sure there are clean hand towels in the bathroom and wondering if it bought enough beer.

Speaking of great big parties, Thomas had one a few days ago that both rocked and rolled. Lots of people, lots of dancing, lots of falafel on the floor. Pictures of it and of our time with Thomas so far are here. Those interested can also find pictures of Munich here (including our trips to Dachau, the castle Neuschwanstein, hiking to a cloister, and a boating trip with a bunch of people) and of Paris here. We also have five pictures of Zurich here but they are mostly of construction equipment so I leave it to your judgment.

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