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Overheard conversation in a post office in Paris

Posted by on May 14, 2006

I order a dozen stamps at the post office counter and then Melanie and I walk off to stick them while the Lad pays.

“Always the same, eh?” the post office man commiserates. “Ze woman orders, ze man pays.”

“Indeed,” says the Lad.

“A woman in Paris,” says the post office man, lost in a private and gloomy memory, “ees a disastair.”

8 Responses to Overheard conversation in a post office in Paris

  1. michele

    nod to the lad. and a yippee to my oncoming postcards.

  2. sean

    Nod to the patriarchy and to Gene not being deathly ill while in Europe.

  3. didofoot

    actually he is deathly ill. not hospitalized, but uncomfortable anyway. but i’ll accept half your nod. guys on the right for high fives!

  4. tracy

    the high-five’n white guys.

    that’s so funny. i’m so excited to be in paris this summer. i can’t wait to hear more. Dites-moi!

    Tu je manques beaucoup! It means I miss you but it’s all backwards. Silly french.

  5. kati

    When the hell are you two coming home.

    Come home, dammit.

  6. kati

    When the hell are you two coming home?

    Come home, dammit.

  7. kati

    That wasn’t supposed to post twice.

    I wanted the one with the question mark.


  8. keziya


    hannah montana

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