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Sleepless in Prague

Posted by on April 27, 2006

On our last night in Dublin we went to visit Oscar Wilde, or anyway his statue. Unfortunately the park was closed for the night when we got there so we could only peer at him longingly through the bars. I wonder whose melancholy duty it is to lock Oscar up again night after night.

Now we are in Prague. Last night we went to see Firewall where I enjoyed watching the Lad’s face even more than Harrison Ford’s. Nothing says “horrified” like a computer whiz presented with Hollywood’s extremely incorrect explanation of how to defeat a hacker.

We’ve now been gone for just over a month and I am homesick. When I was a little kid and would get lost in grocery stores** I would run up to the first woman I saw wearing blue jeans and throw my arms around her knees, thinking she was the Moms. I’ve been doing a similar thing in Prague, wrapping my arms around every over-blown real estate market and flawed public transportation system I see. I also sometimes hug fuzzy animals in case they turn out to be covering a hidden Michele. I miss you, San Francisco Bay Area. I hope you feel the same.

**The Moms always tells this story as if it happened quite a few times, but I have never quite dared to ask her why that might be.

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