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A foggy day

Posted by on March 31, 2006

Not to be a typical American tourist talking about plumbing, but I need to tell you that since my last visit to London nine years ago I have mastered the shower-bath.

The cuisine is still kind of a mystery but I’m enjoying it more this time. On our arrival Jack took us to a Turkish place up the road where we ordered a thing called Manamen (sp?), described as scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers. It turns out to be more of a scrambled soup that you scoop up with bread, though I don’t know whether to attribute that to the Turkish or the British influence. Anyway it was great, though of a consistency and appearance that the 17 year old me would probably not have been brave enough to try.

We went out into London proper a bit last night and walked around Hyde Park and Covent Gardens, ate some microwaved hamburgers which I found to be charmingly authentic Brit cuisine, and saw a film. Today I might be lobbying for a tour of Parliament, but I suspect I’ll be on my own for that one.

So far no pigs, but I have great hopes for today. More later when we have pictures to post.

4 Responses to A foggy day

  1. docta v

    I’ve got recommendations from a co-worker on where the good Indian restaurants are in London. This is what he has to say:

    South Hall is an area predominantly Pakistani and Indian.

    Kebobish in South Hall

    Shahinaan in South Hall

    Edgeware Road is in Central London in the Arab area.

    Beirut Express is on Edgeware Road

    Khans in Bayswater

    I’m assuming these are in order of how good they are.

  2. michele

    kara kara! i think the closest tube stop is gloucester road. and then it’s like a couple blocks walk. sooooo good. get the monkfish tika masala and you will praise my name for the rest of your life. sure, the monkfish might be a disgusting looking fish out in the wild, but when covered in delicious curry it is like mana from heaven.

    and the coconut ice dessert COMES IN A COCONUT. can docta v make such a claim?

  3. docta v

    This is coming from an Iranian guy that has eaten this stuff his entire life and he says those places are the best. He also says Shalimar is the best place in the Bay Area so I definitely trust his opinion.

  4. michele

    i trust my own opinion. i probably trust his opinion too. but i def trust my own more. after all, i’ve had the monkfish melt in my mouth.

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