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A foggy day

Posted by on March 31, 2006

Not to be a typical American tourist talking about plumbing, but I need to tell you that since my last visit to London nine years ago I have mastered the shower-bath.

The cuisine is still kind of a mystery but I’m enjoying it more this time. On our arrival Jack took us to a Turkish place up the road where we ordered a thing called Manamen (sp?), described as scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers. It turns out to be more of a scrambled soup that you scoop up with bread, though I don’t know whether to attribute that to the Turkish or the British influence. Anyway it was great, though of a consistency and appearance that the 17 year old me would probably not have been brave enough to try.

We went out into London proper a bit last night and walked around Hyde Park and Covent Gardens, ate some microwaved hamburgers which I found to be charmingly authentic Brit cuisine, and saw a film. Today I might be lobbying for a tour of Parliament, but I suspect I’ll be on my own for that one.

So far no pigs, but I have great hopes for today. More later when we have pictures to post.

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