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The Pig Rating: Philadelphia

Posted by on March 29, 2006

Final photos from Philly are here.

Yesterday when Kim went to her lab, the Lad and I went to see Why We Fight, which is a documentary about the military industrial complex. It was a fantastic documentary about all the ways the American people are tricked into warmongering, but you know what you don’t want to do after watching that? Go see the Liberty Bell and the Ben Franklin “We’ve Got Benergy!” exhibit.

Instead, we wandered around a little and found the Irish American monument. It’s a huge sculpture that depicts the Irish people starving during the potato famine, among other things, so it fit the mood pretty well.

In the two days I’ve been here, Philly has seemed to me to be a city of more murals than billboards and more gardens than graffiti. The sun mostly shone, the people mostly smiled, and everyone I met was a liberal. It was like SF with fewer homeless. I quite enjoyed my time here, and I give Philly a rating of three pigs.

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