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Scorching Kim’s cat and other stories

Posted by on March 27, 2006

After a remarkably painless journey (car, plane, air train, subway, bus, then our feet), we arrived at Kim’s house in Philly at about 8:30 pm, Philly time. (You are allowed to call it Philly, I checked. It’s not like saying Frisco. I say Philly every chance I get now. I’m also busting out “youse” wherever possible, another popular word here.) Youse all will be glad to hear that Kim is in fine form despite her insane acquisition of a cat.

The cat was really interested in us. I counted a total of ten times last night that he jumped up on our futon bed to try and make friends. One of those times I atempted to tip him off using the fuzzy top blanket, which produced a series of exciting white sparks and a cat yowl. His near-brush with death by electrocution did not deter him from coming back to visit us again a few minutes later. Luckily the Benedril we were both on let us sleep through most of our attempts to kill Kim’s housepet.

Today we walked around Philly for a lot of the day, and Kim took us to an Italian market where we got youse’d and picked up dinner. It turns out you can buy pasta fresh, which cooks in about a minute and a half. I had always believed that drying it into cardboard consistency was an integral part of the pasta making process, but no.

Tomorrow Kim is taking us to a drinking group full of liberals (“Drinking Liberally”). The Lad and I are planning to pose as conservatives and alienate all her friends. It should be a blast.

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