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Bottle up and explode

Posted by on October 31, 2005

Part of the city exploded about an hour ago, and if that sounds dramatic, well, it was. I’m used to hearing loud street noises from high up here in my nine-storey tower of an office, so I didn’t look up at the first boom, but then as people around me started making shock-talk I glanced up to notice that a square of city in the distance was on fire. My boss postulated that the fire was in the general area of a large gas station, so that might explain the subsequent explosions and shooting flames. There was a column of smoke leaning on its elbow over half the city, looking like a bored djinn. Or like a column of smoke, since really this was dramatic enough without adding metaphors.

I took a few pictures with the crappy office camera of the smoke, but am as yet unable to load them onto the computer. (Curse you, admin privileges!) Hopefully I’ll have some soon, but by then this thing will have hit the press. Now that the smoke has gone the reporters have arrived; I can see a news helicopter circling the area, no doubt painting a useless verbal picture for the folks at home of what was there just a minute ago — a picture not unlike this blog entry.

Update: The AP is just a leetle quicker than me, but not by much. I keep my finger on the pulse around here.

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