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Y cladd in mightie armes and siluer shielde

Posted by on September 1, 2005

I enrolled for classes the first minute I was allowed to do it, but still my Syntax class was already full. However, I was first on the waitlist and I am a graduating senior. My enrollment was a shoe-in.

Weirdly the ten thousand other people packing into the classroom on Tuesday night seemed to think the same thing about their own eventual enrollment. The class was so full that I and several others actually had to stand out in the hall, where by craning my neck at an impossible angle I could just manage to hear the professor say that he refused to add anyone.

Understand, this is unheard-of in any class I’ve ever seen. All professors understand that State is over-populated and under-classed (in all senses, really), and that people drop out midway through the first month in droves. Professors always add at least graduating seniors off the waitlist. Always.

Not this guy, though.

Basically, I arrived for battle, Una glowing adoringly at me in the background, and the dragon wouldn’t even unwrap himself from around the castle. He just gave me the finger and went back to smoking his tree-sized cigarette. Curse you, nemesis, and your absolute indifference to me!

I’m trying to work this out with the professor, and also talking to my advisor to see what can be done, but I suspect the end result will be me stuck at State for yet another semester after this one to finish battling my foe for good and all. Benefits? I would actually be able to participate in the graduation ceremony in May with a straight face. Drawbacks? The ceremony is so enormous that no one actually walks across stage, thus sort of invalidating the whole tradition surrounding the stupid thing. Also, another semester at State will cost me another $1000, which hurts the hell out of my bargain-loving soul. What I am saying is: triple poop.

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