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She works hard for the money

Posted by on June 25, 2005

I am now a proud employee of X Company and have just completed my first three and a half days of work. X Company is a non-profit that does nice things for poor kids, so it’s a far cry from my previous DARPA-related position, and all the people seem friendly in an officey kind of way. They’re all a little bit psychotically devoted to the “mission statement” and the “X Company way” and so on, but I learned how to handle that kind of fanaticism when I worked at Amazon and this is so much more forgivable. Amazon’s mission statement was to take over the world of electronic retail. X Company wants to send poor kids to college. So I am more or less pleased with myself for getting this job.

I’m having a weird I Heart Huckabees kind of an experience lately. About a week ago I ran into a kid from high school, let’s call him Mott Herman, as he was exiting a MUNI train at my stop. Running into people from high school is not that unusual since I live with one, but usually it’s just people I used to hang out with; this one was pretty random. Then a few days ago I walked into the coffee shop I decided should be my pre-work stop in the mornings and there he was again, working behind the counter. Is there significance to this? Where will I see Mott Herman next? What will it mean if I do? I considered letting Lily Tomlin give me some vague, rambling advice but she could not be reached for comment before the publication of this entry.

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