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I tried my best to keep my distance from your dress

Posted by on May 26, 2005

Lately I’ve become very interested in textures and I walk around touching things on the sly. Last week in class I absent-mindedly reached over and touched my astonished neighbor’s knee, curious to see what the material of his pants felt like.

I’m deep into the job hunt now; tomorrow will be my last official day of allowable unemployment. I’ll consider it as a starter’s pistol for my guilt race. I’m beginning to wonder whether I’m taking all this as seriously as I might; I applied for a position in a mortuary just so that I could reference Evelyn Waugh in my cover letter. And you thought this English lit degree was going to be useless.

3 Responses to I tried my best to keep my distance from your dress

  1. adrienne

    what kind of job are you trying to get exactly? beyond the obviously enticing mortuary position.

  2. michele

    marina’s got me using and you should try those too if you aren’t already.

  3. Dianna

    Hang on, I have to touch this thing. It’s fuzzy.

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