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Sweet grapes

Posted by on May 9, 2005

Another Spring, another example of the Lad fleeing my society to spend a few weeks hotfooting it around Europe with a bunch of dudes. I think it’s nice for him to get some guy time, especially now that he


lives with a girl fulltime and everything.

While he’s gone I plan to do all the things I can’t do around him. Those flannel sheets are coming off the bed, for starters, and if you think I won’t be eating chips in bed, well, think again. Also, I might just have a Buffy marathon. Then there’s sex with other guys, and also if I want to leave my shoes lying all over the carpet to be tripped on, you better believe I’m gonna do it.

In all seriousness, I think it’s nice for him to have this trip. It’s not every year that a Star Wars ™ film is released, and it deserves


a little fanfare. So all kidding aside, I’m glad he’s going; it’ll be nice for me to have a little time alone to work on term papers and re-watch all the episodes of Firefly and so on. Lad, have a great time in the mother country. Just make sure you bring me back a present.

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