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The dog’s widow

Posted by on April 27, 2005

For the last two and a half years I’ve been periodically proposing to the Lad. So far he won’t have me, though there’s many as would, but I persevere, I persevere. That’s what marriage is all about. It’ll be anticlimactic when he gives in finally but that, too, is what marriage is all about I guess.

After that guy was mean about Michele’s hat on her webpage today I wanted to kick his teeth in I was so mad. I sometimes wonder if I want to marry her too but I don’t do it because society dictates that I should just pick a fellow for a life partner. I’m not saying the gay marriage thing, but I’d like to spend the rest of my life having this nice relationship with Michele that I do have, so I think there should be a ceremony about that with new flatware and maybe some tax breaks. Really, if marriage meant what it should, according to me, mean then probably I would marry the Lad and Michele and my parents and my dog before she died. And also I might marry some books by Michael Ondaatje and my white sheets and Yosemite. And also arrabbiata sauce the way the Moms makes it, and I would marry seven o’clock in the evening in summer and “Between the Bars.” So it’s weird when you think of it that only one important relationship gets celebrated instead of all of them, especially if that person won’t even marry you in the first place.

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