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Posted by on December 13, 2004

As of January 18, I will be a free and unemployed woman. Please enjoy this small tribute to my past two years of employment at the good old U of C at B.

(To the tune of “Leaving’s not leaving,” by Leann Rimes, a song I have never actually heard):

Sometimes the time comes along

When it’s time

Time to move on

Wasn’t all bad

We watched Peterson burn

Bureaucratic delays ain’t all that I learned

Leaving’s not leaving

‘Cause I’m not leaving you behind

You’ll always be Berkeley

And you’re not hard to find

A massive Goliath

Stolen two good years of my time

Taken my eyesight

I can’t run off when I’m blind

There was debt and despair

And coworkers who don’t really care

Let’s not go there

When Chinese myths are gone

My cowboy boss through

Despair lingers on

Leaving’s not leaving

‘Cause I’m not leaving you behind

I’ve left a paper trail

(A paper trail)

I know the feds will find

Wherever I’m goin’

I’ll be dragged back and fined

Leaving’s not leaving

When it’s fraud that you’ve co-signed.

I’ll hold on to the memory

Of the days when I was so carefree

A filing clerk downstairs

Now I just wish I could be there

Leaving’s not leaving

‘Cause I’m not leaving you behind

I might never be free

(might never be free)

I might have to serve time

Wherever I’m goin’

You ain’t no good friend of mine

Leaving’s not leaving

When I’ve left my youth behind

Leaving’s not leaving

When I’ve left my youth behind

13 Responses to Leavin’

  1. michele

    i would cry, ‘encore! encore!’, but i’m not really a fan of leann rimes.

  2. kati


  3. tracy

    yes, but you met me and what’s better than that.

  4. jason s

    Why the quittin’?

  5. didofoot

    quittin;’ on account of the schoolin’. six clases next semester in a frantic (and possibly futile) attempt to graduate in may.

  6. sean

    Plenty of room on the quittin’ train, Kristen.

  7. sean

    Er, the quittin’-an’-graduatin’ train.

  8. didofoot

    sean, you and I are living proof that graduatin’ is for quitters.

  9. BD

    What’s with the ugly blue and white page? Is it supposed to be this ugly? Is it supposed to be blue and white? Is this all part of the tribute?

    Maybe my browser settings are all screwed, because if you could see what I’m seeing right now, things would be a-changin’.

  10. didofoot

    i was experimenting at work and suddenly had to do actual work so i couldn’t finish. i’ll replace the purple template for now.

  11. michele

    wait, the 18th? you’re not even working the full month of january with me?!?! curse you!

    the 18th is a tuesday…how is that logical? explain, please.

  12. sean

    The 17th is MLK Day, so the 18th is the first day of school.

  13. michele

    …my first day is the 25th. what do you have to say about that sean? HUH? mr. answer man? hmph.

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