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I don’t want a take-back

Posted by on November 12, 2004

Last night, the Lad got us free tickets from KALX to see Minnie Driver perform at the Great American. If you’re wondering whether she can sing, I’ll tell you: it is decidedly so. Are her songs interesting at all? Well, outlook does not look good there. Sure, she’s tall, she likes wearing shorts, but can she hook-hook dunk-dunk a hit single? More importantly, will she really work on her music skills or will she just play off her celebrity status? A charmingly catty reference to “Matt, you bastard” suggests the latter, but I say she should use every advantage she can. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, and her dog is winning.

Her band included members of such light-the-world-on-fire groups as the Wallflowers and Pete Yorn’s ensemble. I like to imagine that they were at first put off by her Hollywood status, but were eventually won over when she whispered, “I don’t want a Grammy. I just want you to come to California with me.”

After the third melodic, cookie-cutter ballad of a broken heart, I was ready to leave or start drinking, especially with the guy in front of us puppet-jerking along to his own internal white boy rhythm. “Bring me another mai-tai!” I shouted, but garnered only dirty looks from the crowd. Unable to face a possible Harrison Ford or John Cusack reference without a drink in me, I grabbed the Lad and hightailed it out of there. Still, I’m glad I went. Even though I knew it might be horrible, I just had to go see about this girl.

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