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See Holohan’s title. Rinse, repeat.

Posted by on November 3, 2004

Another election come and gone. I console you Bush haters with this thought: America can survive this. We survived the Reagan years, after all. (Though much of Central America, tragically, did not.) Just be sure that for the next four years you are careful not to be gay, poor, a woman, or of color. And if you are all of those things, well, clearly you have bigger things to worry about than who’s president.

Speaking as a member of one of the four prohibited groups, I, too, feel the pain of this election. I haven’t been this upset since Oz left Willow on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. By the time we get a new president, I will be 29, which as you know is almost 30, which as you know is the end of life as we know it. So basically I will be living with this president until I die. I will continue to write term papers and take vacations and work on this heady, difficult thing the poets call true love, but fundamentally my life will be…well, the same life it’s been for the past four years.

In all seriousness, I hate that my tax dollars will continue to be used to piss off part of the world and slaughter the other part. But you know this too shall pass. All I can suggest for the interim is this: use your money. No one is going to listen to your voices, or pay attention to your bodies blocking traffic on pre-arranged Sunday marches. These things are tools of the past. But find a group or a person you can believe in and give them your money. Your time too, if you have any: most places can use volunteers. But the most effective megaphone in America is cash, and that is what you have to give.

Tens, twenties, fifties. Ulysses S. Grant is my only president now.

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