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Everyone and the Lad’s sister is doing it

Posted by on October 6, 2004

I recently attended the Lad’s sister’s wedding. Watching Em and Geoff stand in front of everyone they love and speak their self-written vows made me realize that I can never, ever, in a million years be brave enough to display that much sincerity (i.e. any at all) in front of a gathering of my peers. You people would eat me alive. Only by speaking our vows in rhyme, or while facing other people, or while dressed as pirates could we express a true emotion when everyone was listening. Can you even imagine watching us try to do things the normal way? Perhaps we could get through it if we were careful to deliver our vows in a really bored tone, or if we changed the traditional bridal wear from “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to “something that belonged to my great-aunt, something non sequitur, something from a thrift store, something so ugly it’s cool.” It might all be worth it for the gifts, though. We could really use some new flatware.

Luckily, Em and Geoff have better friends than the likes of you people and the reception was fun and sarcasm-free. Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. McAlpin, and thank you for helping to take a bite out of irony.

Pictures of the event taken by the Lad and Jesse, can be found here.

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