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We get knocked down, but we get up again

Posted by on September 22, 2004

I caught my sandal on one of the criminally protruding MUNI rails while crossing Market Street yesterday and went sprawling in the middle of the intersection. Caught myself on my hands in a monster push-up and managed not to rip my jeans, so I thought I was doing pretty well. Picked myself up and got halfway up the hill before I realized that my belt, which is more cool than functional, had come undone in the fall. Ever tried to casually fasten your belt while walking? There is just nothing more suspicious looking than that, especially in SF, where the preponderance of crazies means that someone walking along fumbling at their pants is definitely a cross-the-street moment. Once I got home, I was talking to Michele on the phone and told her this sad story, because sometimes you need a little best friend sympathy. “You fall a lot,” she said thoughtfully, and snickered.

If anyone wants to offer me some more solid form of comfort, Elliott Smith’s new album will be out on Oct 19, two days after my birthday. I’m just sayin’.

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