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Butterflies in the garden

Posted by on August 30, 2004

Here is some free advice: if you are going to move into an apartment where the radiant heat cannot be turned off, do not do it on the hottest weekend of the year. But last night I saw the fullish moon set over the bay and the twinkly lights of the Castro spread out underneath it and it was all worthwhile.

As we were making our first meal together, the Lad said “I can hear you thinking ‘this is the first [blank] in our new apartment’ every time you do something.”

Thud. “This is the first time I stubbed my toe in our new apartment!” I said happily, and hopped off to find where the band-aids had gotten to.

Jack and Sean helped with all the heavy stuff, thankfully, and Christine, who will hereafter be known as “the most helpful Christine in the world,” stuck with us for all eight hours of the ordeal, hauling and hiking and unpacking and everything, plus she helped me pack in the first place. Now I’m back at work and it’s probably for the best, since if I were home I would just continue to sneak up on the Lad or lay in wait for him around all the weird little corners and then affectionately attack him. I am so happy and I sing a song to him about it which goes “I am so happy, so happy, so haaaappy,” usually while he’s trying to talk on the phone.

Pictures of the new place will hopefully be coming soon, once we’re all unpacked and set up. Does anyone have a sofa bed they’re trying to get rid of?

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