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A list for not shopping to

Posted by on August 18, 2004

It is time to start sloughing off the things which are not to come with. Me. In my move. Sometimes for talking like a translated manual.

Here is a list you of you-might-wants.

– boxy tealight holder with moon face

– assorted books including Rushdie’s Fury and some Calvino and Wallace

– A large pot for cooking pasta

– a saucepan I think also

– 2 (two) different City of Lost Children posters, HUGE, on some stiff cardboard material

– original artwork by the incomparable Melissa Vaughan, signed, featuring a blue cartoonish bald character, as all her art does feature. Cardboard. I cannot bear to throw it out myself so if anyone will do it for me I would consider it a kindness.

– various sample-sized burt’s bees and bath salt products

– assorted clothes, all more or less me-sized

I know these are small and mainly throw-away-able or donate-able, but I hate to throw out useful stuff or give to strangers when I have needy friends. So if you will be in the neighborhood of me over the next week and a half and any of this sounds grud, let me know and it is belong to you.

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