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She’s sharp as a tack, I don’t care if I ever go back

Posted by on August 12, 2004

Two job interviews yesterday. The first was with a woman who looked a lot like Molly Shannon. This made it difficult to take her seriously, so I did not utilize my mad interview skills as well as I normally do. But I was undaunted, even after flubbing three of her questions and sweating through most of my shirt, and on my way out I flung my hands in the air and announced “Superadmin!” At least I didn’t make the mistake of turning a slightly funny five minute sketch into a two hour movie, eh, Molly?

The next place I interviewed at gave me spelling, grammar, typing, and pattern recognition tests before beginning the actual interview. I successfully pounded all the red circles into the blue circular holes and was allowed to progress to first grade, although gainful employment might be a tougher step. No one at this place resembled anyone from SNL, so I was able to employ my patented “ingenue who will make your office happier and more wholesome” persona to good effect. I think I’m in there, but only Monday will say for sure.

And today I have an appointment with my school advisor for the first time since ever. For is it not written, “If you do things, they get done”? Three days away from the office and I am productive like a Malaysian factory worker.

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