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Join Clan, Earn Meat!

Posted by on July 26, 2004

If you’re cool then you probably already know about the Kingdom of Loathing. But if you’re less cool, like me, then you may have yet to discover this wonderfully wacky waste of your work time.

In the KoL, I am a disco bandit named Didofoot and I am wearing bugbear pants and a ravioli hat and I have a pretty good amount of meat for my level (the unit of currency in the KoL is meat). You, too, could have a fine large store of meat. All you have to do is create a character! What could be easier! Healthy and fun!

I blog about this because I want all the CH people to join and then we can form our own CH clan and pool our meat and buy cool stuff, like a gym! Also, I don’t think we’re nerdy enough with just the blogs and the group website. I’d like to be a higher level of nerdy. I’d like to be twelve nerdy. So join up, people. In the largest nerd gathering in the internet world*, Cement Horizon cannot be found wanting!

*arbitrary measurement with no basis in fact

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