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The hip bone connected to the

Posted by on May 19, 2004

There’s a boy in my class who looks just like Seth Green. Except he is much taller, and perfectly proportioned, and not even vaguely simian. But he has the same hair. Anyway, I spent all of yesterday’s ridiculous immigration discussion eyeing him and wondering what he’d look like without his flesh on. He has great bones.

Yesterday I turned in all my papers, so as of today my time is my own. Whatever will I do with myself? I think it’s time to heave pub night onto the slab, order Igor to set up the lightning rods, and get this monster back to terrorizing the villagers where it belongs.* Ideally someone else will do it, though; you know I am shit at planning events. Anyone?

*Kenneth Branaugh is biting his fist in agony over that horribly extended metaphor.

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