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Ow, my pride

Posted by on May 10, 2004

I fell off my own feet again today. It seems that every so often my feet just decide, in the spirit of experimentation and without input from the brain, to try walking on their sides instead of their soles. This is painful but acceptable when barefoot, but when clomping around in ungainly platform sandals which you only bought because you needed black shoes and these were on sale, you’ve got a long way to fall. So, as usual, my foot twisted sideways to see what would happen and I stumbled and smacked the inside of my foot against the pavement and my shoe came off altogether and then I had to hop around cursing and chasing my shoe as it tumbled end over end trying to escape me and my elephant feet. Luckily no one was watching, except all the people who were.

Now there is a little piece missing from my foot; another fleshy sacrifice laid on the altar of the holy pavement. Lucky I didn’t break an ankle I guess. Perhaps I should change my name to Dodofoot.

5 Responses to Ow, my pride

  1. michele

    and then we could rearrange letters a little bit further and get doodfoot. foot of dood. dood.

  2. didofoot

    the dood abides. the dood also totters and tumbles and hurts herself and stands up bravely and pretends nothing happened, nothing to see here.

  3. Mom

    hmmmm…..and just yesterday I was begging you, BEGGING you to let me buy you a pair of shoes.

    Shoes that would not betray you in this fashion, shoes (dare I say “sensible” shoes) that would allow you to remain upright when required, shoes that would ultimately protect the foot.

  4. didofoot

    I can’t let you keep buying me things on mother’s day! you already bought me a pair of shoes and lunch and the buffy dvd and you cooked dinner! i am a bad daughter, bad.

  5. michele

    your pink ballet shoes wouldn’t make you fall over. i did good work there convincing you to buy those!

    they’re not, admittedly, *sensible* though.

    buffy! yes! must go order that. (eydie, i am so jealous of you buying it for kristen. i wish my mom watched all the buffy seasons over again on dvd so she would buy one for me too.)

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