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In the morning

Posted by on May 4, 2004

Wake up and roll around a while, considering the room from different angles. Try and imagine how it would look to various people I know. Does it look different in the mirrors, things like that. Stretch up my legs for a while and contemplate the ceiling. Then get up. Boil water for coffee and make the coffee. The cup goes in front of all the books, so that sitting in the chair I can reach out for coffee or for books. Contemplate the room from the chair.

The nearest books to the coffee shelf are Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Michael Ondaatje, so my morning thoughts become filled with hyperbole or sentence fragments, depending where I reach. The window has to be closed for warmth until the sun comes in for the afternoon. Then I listen to half a song on the stereo while thinking about the day.

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