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The dog woke me up at 7:30. Gah.

Posted by on April 25, 2004

You know the spot at the bottom center of the ribcage, right where CPR workers put their hands to jump-start you? That part is where I miss the Lad. Right there it feels empty and listless like an uncharged battery pack. First I thought this was a symbol of our beautiful, cinematic love, this physical ache for him, but this morning it occurs to me that I might just be in withdrawal from his magnificent hugs.

Many of you have known the hugs of the Lad on a regular basis in times of need, or in times of him hitting on you or, if you are lucky Sean and Jack, every time Mister Roper comes over, so that he’ll keep believing you’re all gay. Did you, too, find you missed these hugs when they disappeared?

Not that this will make our love any less cinematic. But I am curious.

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