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Happy birthday, Danny!

Posted by on April 20, 2004

My first strong memory of Dan is when he came out with some of the crew to a movie during our freshman year of high school. My mom picked him up and was as surprised as me that he was so startlingly articulate around a parent (a feat which only my girl scout troop and later the Lad were able to match). We started talking about the recent uproar over the possibility of gangs in school which had led to the banning of certain colors being worn together. “Gangs in Pleasant Hill?” Dan asked incredulously. “What would their symbol be? Wicker?”

Hey, I thought. This guy is funny. I spent the movie hoping that he would try to hold my hand, even though I was then involved in a serious relationship with a future convict. He never did make a move though. Hey, I thought. This guy is probably some strange breed of man who will eventually go off to become a monk on a mountaintop. Otherwise, wouldn’t we be making out right now?

Happy birthday, D/T. You are by far the most interesting of all the ex-Falcons, and one of the very few who has never made out with either me or the Lad (I’m pretty sure). Have a wonderful day, and try not to get my boyfriend killed.

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