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Neither Nakedness nor Orgying

Posted by on January 5, 2004

I got invited to Melanie’s house for a party in my honor. (I assume all parties are in my honor unless the host specifically tells me otherwise.) The evite listed several names I didn’t know, so it was tough to know what to expect. Should I be sexy? Demure? Would there be charades? Would there be nudity? I shaved my legs carefully just in case.

It occurs to me that my years of wondering about possible party nudity are surely numbered. There will come a year not too far in the future when nudity at a party will be a reason to leave. But right now I always anticipate nakedness and orgying.

The party did turn out to be the charades kind, which led to me groping Wendy’s breast while clumsily attempting to pantomime a stethoscope. I wonder how long I will be at this age where neither nudity nor charades cause me to leave the party in an offended sulk. I suspect my stethoscope demonstration probably pushed Wendy over that line.

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