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The Old Navy Rides Again

Posted by on December 22, 2003

My cowboy-boss on why the professors have to work so hard on their research:

“The problem with the world is that we’ve all gotten complacent, and now the Old Navy will no longer bring us things. See, back in ancient China, I mean we’re talking 800, 1000 B.C., the Old Navy used to come all the time. They would sail around the seas and possibly the larger Universe, we don’t know, and when they landed all the Chinese would come to greet them and the Old Navy would bring technological innovations which had never been seen before. This is how mankind acquired the concept of calendars, for example.”

“And fleece vests at 2 for 1?” I inquired.

I really don’t find his beliefs any weirder than those of the average Christian, and they are a lot more interesting. So it’s not that I’m mocking him. (Except with the fleece vests comment.) I respect him. After all, the man could put a Chinese gypsy curse on me that would make my eyes fall out of my head.

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