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A Big Antenna

Posted by on December 19, 2003

My cowboy boss, now sober, explained the way of the world recently. “See, the Chinese believe that everything that has ever existed is still around. I mean, not modern Chinese – the ancient Chinese believed it. Thoughts, words, everything is still there, floating around. When you think you’re having a creative thought, you’re really just recycling someone else’s thought. Your creative ability is way, way smaller than your receptive ability. So, when I was learning to read ancient Chinese, I just got a big antenna and laid back and received all those old thoughts and then it was real easy. But I know darn well those aren’t my thoughts. I never had a creative thought in my life. Anything I create was created by someone else first, and me, I’m just nothing.” Pauses. Looks mournfully at the ground. “This knowledge is the reason why I’ve got low self-esteem.”

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