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I want to eat pie. Still.

Posted by on December 1, 2003

When you see a coworker in the hall, you have to make a disparaging comment about your job. It’s like a drinking game, in that the rules are simple and it isn’t very fun. You have to say “I sure am glad it’s Friday,” or “Wish that weekend was longer,” or something on those lines.

Well, I got tired of it. Now when I see people in the hall, I say in an intense, serious tone which cannot be interpreted as anything but sincere, “God, this job is great; I love it here.” Then, as they’re passing me, I grab their arms and lean my face in real close and whisper, “Don’t ever leave. Or you’ll be sorry.”

13 Responses to I want to eat pie. Still.

  1. chambochae

    I want to eat pie

    I want to eat pie

    I want to eat pie

    pie eat to want I

    pie eat to want I

    I want to eat pie

    I want to eat pie pie pie pie pie pie

    I. Want. To. Eat. Pie.

  2. holohan

    give it up, man! the internet will not bring you pie!

  3. didofoot

    holohan, where would this great country be if freethinkers such as benjamin franklin had listened to naysayers like you? we’d all be speaking hawaiian, that’s where. chambochae has a dream. i support that dream. keep dreaming, chambochae. because a dream is a wish your mouth makes.

  4. RJ

    Will you guys stop getting serious and start thinking of pie? Internet is for fun and not for speeches. Lets just sit here and enjoy our…pie

  5. wordlife091

    pie is delishus

    i wanna go hawai

    and the internet does bring u pie go to thego to the waterfields websi6te or dorsans website and order

  6. Tim

    yo i want to eat a ton of pie too

  7. Pie?

    what is pie ?

  8. Sarah

    if u r sick of pie iv invented CyberPie…its great to throw in chat rooms and u dont get E-sick and have to lose Weight.jpeg

  9. lollol


  10. Funky Chicken

    Pie is awesome. It saved my life. Just the other day, as I was about to be run over by a bus, Chuck Norris jumped out and saved me. He had eaten 30 pies that morning.

  11. Funk Master

    Dude, pie is god. I pray to pie. In fact, I believe in a supreme being. Pie.

  12. Pie Man

    pie tastes so awsome. i can create Pie because i am god. *shout (bring foreth thepie)* *burys himself in a giant PIE*

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