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Beat it

Posted by on September 22, 2003

“We’re going to be so miserable in about two minutes,” I said, as our air conditioned car glided through Napa’s excrutiating heat wave, two minutes away from our destination.

“Let’s see how bad it is,” said the Lad, turning off the air conditioning and opening all the windows. Sean and I were shocked and awed by this.

“What’s the rationale here?” I asked, as the blistering 107 degree heat panted wolfishly down the front of my dress. “We’re going to be miserable in two minutes so we might as well be miserable now?”

“It’s like saying ‘I’m going to go to prison in two days, so I might as well stay in my house with all the windows shut, to get used to it,'” Sean said.

“And thinking, Maybe I can find some other men to beat off in front of, too,” I said, and then melted into a gooey puddle on the back seat.

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