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I will be Rachel

Posted by on September 5, 2003

The Lad and I are fast approaching our one year anniversary. Last September I told myself that if I was still happy in this relationship at the end of a year then we should move in together. Oddly, this cohabitation has not come to pass exactly how I pictured it. Instead of the Lad, I got the Lad, Sean, Jack, Maggie, and Christine. “I said DOM-estic, not DORM-estic, you spazz,” I told him, and he playfully stuck my head in the oven and ran.

Actually though, this community thing is kind of cool. It’s like living on Friends. The Lad is Ross, a spouting geyser of science. Sean is Chandler, the funny one, and Jack is Joey, because their names both start with J. I will be Rachel because we are both secretly married to Brad Pitt, and now I am thinking about that and have lost interest in this limp analogy.


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