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King of the river

Posted by on June 30, 2003

“Ooh, a rope swing,” said Allen, “can we stop?” I immediately caved before his toddlerish enthusiam and we beached our canoe in front of the swing.

First Allen swung. Then a fourteen year old girl swung. Then a six year old girl swung. How hard could it be, I wondered?

Not hard at all, as it turned out. Each time I swung I was able to execute a flawless double backflip or triple gainer into the water, landing with barely a splash. It was truly a triumph. I wish you could have been there.


4 Responses to King of the river

  1. holohan

    what’s the difference between a rope swing and just a piece of rope? maybe it used to be a noose.

  2. tracy

    you have such a great imagination. and with barely a splash!

  3. allen


    your flight through the air was the envy of every bird, your grace in the water that of every fish, and the part where you flopped in the water after flailing in the air after losing your grip on the rope after jamming your legs against the mud that of every blind elephant foetus rolling down a hillside hoping its elephant foetus heart out that gravity will lead it to the river, maybe with a splash.

    yeah, that’s foetus.

    san francisco.

  4. didofoot

    dear allen, suck it, your friend, didofoot

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