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Posted by on June 24, 2003

It seems silly to care about someone and then never see them again just because you happened to break up, and one of you happened to get your heart broken, and you happen to not be able to see them on the street without bursting into noisy tears.

To this end, I have implemented the annual report program. Under this program, I will make contact with all important ex-boyfriends (the ones I am not currently dating) once a year, in order to present each other with our time expenditure reports, as well as projections for future expenditures.

The link will hopefully lead you to the pie chart which I created for my report. Possibly I messed up and the formatting or data are off. We shall see I guess. For the upcoming fiscal year I predict a lot more time spent with the Lad and some additional daydreaming hours devoted to all the good volunteer work which I could be doing yet amn’t.

Annual Report

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