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Quite a lot of Chinese booze

Posted by on June 13, 2003

My cowboy boss told us this story at our staff meeting this morning:

Once there were three Chinese men who were having dinner together and drinking quite a lot of Chinese booze, since that is what happens at a Chinese business dinner. As he was eating and carousing, one of the men thought he saw a frog hiding in the plate of vegetables. However, he assumed he was drunk and ignored it.

Some time later, the same man saw the same frog, only now it was crawling towards him. Before he knew it, the frog had crawled up his spine and was sitting on top of his head! At that moment, the booze overwhelmed the man and he passed out.

When he woke up the next morning, he stumbled to the mirror and looked at himself. To his surprise, he saw a lump on top of his head, with two goggly frog eyes blinking out of the lump.

The man went to a magician, who assured him that he had seen the frog-in-head problem many times before. The magician cast a spell and the frog jumped out of the man’s head and hopped away.

Although the man was free of his frog, forever after this his head had a small hollow on the top, which was suitable for holding dipping sauce for his potstickers.

Can anyone tell me, what is the moral of this story?


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