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Turtles and Dragonflies

Posted by on May 28, 2003

I’ve been so happy tramping over the city in this heat. I found a sidewalk by the park covered in dozens of stencils of turtles and dragonflies. In the middle of all these water dwellers someone has painted In Memory of My Love.

If the Lad died I would stencil windmills up the side of a building. But luckily he luckily doesn’t die, luckily for me.

Mom, stop reading now, this will bother you. In fact, all moms should probably stop reading here.

I read half of a BDSM porn novel this weekend. (Hey, how was your Memorial Day weekend? Funny you should ask…) The book (called Carrie’s Story, and it’s pretty well-written, for porn) is about a woman who chooses to become a sex slave to a man. I’ve had it on the brain for a few days now and cannot stop thinking about it. I guess my question is, if you choose to allow someone else to control you, are you still autonomous?

And I guess my other question is, how reliable a map is this if it’s fiction? Are there people who actually live this way, or just people who get off on reading about it? Girls being auctioned off? Girls who get sent to the Custom Pony farm?

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