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Run, we’re being chased and we’re communists

Posted by on May 16, 2003

The Matrix II. This will have spoilers, PLEASE don’t read it until you see the movie.


Okay. The Matrix was fun. Anyone who’s heard Sean’s theories about the little red pill and the communist Wachowski brothers will have noticed the Oracle’s little red candy with satisfaction.

I missed Tank, I missed Switch, I missed Mouse, I missed having a clear and present human villain like Cypher that I could really identify with. I missed the dark and desperate feeling of the first film. This film lacked a lot of that tension, because for most of it Keanu is basically a god who cannot be harmed and who protects everyone he’s with. Even his forebodings about his eventual failure to protect someone were sort of tension-free, probably because I felt the Wachowskis were unlikely to entirely eliminate such an important character before the third film.

Basically the tension did not re-enter until the end of the film, and then, just when you’re feeling really worried, surprise! He’s a god again.

I give this film three stars out of five, but I will also give it another $18 so take that for what it’s worth.

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