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My First Transgender Dog

Posted by on April 16, 2003

Last night I went to my volunteer orientation for PAWS, where I was recruited to help build their float for the Pride Parade (I am going to try SO hard to be on the float) and help out at the doggie prom. A float and a prom. It’s my senior year of high school all over again. Maybe I didn’t actually peak at 17! I’m so hopeful.

Our orientation included a really detailed introduction to transgendered people. (Apparently most of PAWS’s clients are something other than straight.) We got a list of definitions, which I might post later, and some gentle tips on how to deal with various types of transgenderism. (“A good question to ask is, ‘Is there a pronoun that you would prefer me to use?'”) It was all totally fascinating to me, since I, as you know, am Dorothy Gale, and not in the gay icon way.

I’m so happy to be doing something small and manageable and good. This morning was the first morning in two months that I haven’t felt sad and empty when I woke up.

I really look forward to walking my first transgender dog.

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