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Posted by on April 9, 2003

Kim, I love you and I am constantly impressed by your bravery and your uncompromising need to make the world a better place. I’m pretty inarticulate when it comes to saying how I feel about people, so I will just quote from a journal entry I wrote when we lived together in San Diego:

“I’m so domestic here. I hide in the house drinking tea and mentally knit sweaters. (I can’t actually knit because I’m not allowed to have sharp objects after I kept accidentally stabbing myself with the kitchen knives.) I sit and read for five hours straight in silence, and then Kim J comes blowing through the house like a tornado, saying “Get up! Let’s go out!” and rattles my dead leaf bones.”

And wordless and stupid, all I can do is quote someone else. From the immortal Ani Difranco: “When I look around, I think this, this isn’t good enough, and I try to to laugh at whatever life brings.” Makes me think of you, shaking your fist at tyranny and keeping your sense of humor.

You are going to make me pay for that “fist at tyranny” thing with years of mockery. Sigh.


Photos courtesy of Michele


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