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Insomnia last night makes for a pissed didofoot

Posted by on February 21, 2003

For a while now I have been unhappy about my eyebrows, mainly due to how several of my friends have in recent months expressed in one form or another their intense hatred for the caterpillars quote ruining my face. I look around and see how every woman I know without exception (and even some of the boys) are plucking and shaping away like sheep in shearing season.

Well last night this whole topic was somehow broached over dessert with Em and the Lad. I explained how I feel like a tomboy most of the time, partly due to the fact that I pretty much dress like either a pre-adolescent girl or a teenage boy and don’t have a hairstyle – or a hairdryer – and cannot figure out how eyeliner is different from a sharp stick in the eye. But also partly due to my increasing unease with these enormous, unwieldy eyebrows taking up, I am sure, fully half my face.

Em pointed out that Audrey Hepburn of all people had thick eyebrows though, and while I scoffed at the time, I snuck around Google today and looked her up. Sure enough.

Obviously, Audrey shaped hers as well. And maybe I’ll still go that route. But in the meantime, I am so pissed off when I think about how long I have wasted feeling ashamed of my own face.

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