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Some useful facts about Tasmanian devils

Posted by on February 19, 2003

Tasmanian devil moms give birth to a litter of 20 or so Tasmanian devil babies and as soon as they are born the babies start frantically crawling towards the mother’s marsupial pouch. There are only four nipples in the pouch. This means 16 Tasmanian devil babies are born only to die. Personally, I find this wasteful. I do intend to point it out the next time I’m arguing with a religious nut, though. Surely a just God would not allow the death of sixteen cute little devils.

A Tasmanian devil eats a large meal. Its meal is the equivalent of a human sitting down to a 50 lb steak. Plus they will eat just about anything. I think I should start a non-profit organization which hires people to lurk around the birthing sites of these devils and then, when the time is right, rush in and snatch up the sixteen who don’t make it in time. Then they can smuggle the devils on airplanes back to San Francisco, where we can let them lose in controlled herds on Market Street to eat up all the garbage and yuck which floats around these days. Plus it would be really neat to see the Market Street businessmen fleeing before a herd of screaming devils.

Who’s with me?

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