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I think that racist blogger should be keel-hauled

Posted by on February 18, 2003

I wrote the rough draft of what turned out to be a racist paper for my English class. In the paper I (rather successfully) argued that everyone should just speak English if they ever expect to get anywhere in life. When I brought the racist paper in to English to be “peer edited” (ha) by my fellow students, they read it through and then handed it back, saying what amounted to “I am unwilling to criticize this in any way because I’m unsure what all these enormous vocabulary words mean.” Since both members of my group spoke English as a second language, I feel that this only proves my thesis and I am considering incorporating this into my final draft.

Seriously though, I’m not racist. I just happen to speak only English, and I just happen to be a member of the ethnic group currently in power, and I just happen to believe that if I don’t know what the cock* you are saying to me then I can’t be responsible for what happens to you or the rest of your minority.**

*”What the cock” is courtesy of at least Jason and possibly others.

**I regret the necessity of this footnote, but people are so weirdly touchy about this stuff: I DON’T REALLY THINK EVERYONE SHOULD SPEAK ENGLISH. Please don’t comment on this entry with some serious counter-argument. And sure as hell don’t comment in Spanish or some other god-foresaken language because you know I have no use for that shit.

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