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Wisdom from my Bio Professor:

Posted by on February 13, 2003

On mitochondria:

“The mitochondria produce ATP, which, unlike food energy, can then be used everywhere else in the cells. It’s much like using a credit card rather than an out-of-state check. ATP: It’s everywhere you want to be.”

On chromosomes:

“And what has always baffled me is that lesbian pornography is labeled as ‘Triple X’ when in fact it should be ‘Quadruple X,’ as it consists of two sets of X chromosomes.”

On plant life:

“So you can see by this diagram that while humans need plants, plants do not need humans. I know a lot of you are living away from your parents’ homes for the first time, but I don’t care how independent you think you are: there’s not a damn one of you who can beat out a banana tree for self-sufficiency.”

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