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Happy (early) birthday to Michele!

Posted by on February 7, 2003

This is getting posted today, since I know I won’t have time tomorrow what with the participating in *actual* birthday events. Oh, and sleeping until noon. So here goes.


(aka Binky the Horse, LL Cool Cat (?), Brother Tupperware, Bambam, Mama Cow Man, Muppet)

You have taught me so many things over the years. To wit: The importance of British comic fantasy novels; how to move a Ouiji (sp) board without your friends knowing; how to cage spare change from high school boys; that brownies from a mix are just as good; how to materially affect the directional tilt of an innocent mailbox; that it’s okay not to drink even if everyone else is doing it; that if everyone else has had sex I better jump the fuck onto that bandwagon because now I am the LAST ONE LEFT (um, I extrapolated that one on my own though); that anime can be cool because anime boys are hot.

Yes, My Friend Michele is pretty great. Almost as great as me. Happy birthday!



(aka Mort, Miss Meow, Brother Dimbulb, Boomboom, Cheesehead (?), Piggy)

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