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Peacock Stringed Instruments

Posted by on January 31, 2003

I want to talk more about Allen because he cannot be overstated. When he walked in and Gene said oh it must be Aaron (knowing however perfectly well that it was NOT Aaron) I heard his voice and thought oh it’s Allen isn’t it. But did not get up from the chair. This is because I was sitting on it backwards and knew that I would trip over myself and it would not be a good beginning.

I did however go all over in a tingle and blush and a pleased expression upon seeing how he was not fat and WAS present. It was a shock to the system for I have so long known him just as emails. He has skinny fingers and his toenails need clipping. All night I just could not think what to say to him but then I never can; mostly for the first hour I just stared at him as he talked to Sean(e) and the Lad. His profile did that tightly tensed thing that people’s do on the bus when you stare at them steadily and they know it and are afraid to look at you in case you are drooling or incontinent or about to introduce them to your pal Jesus.

It’s hard to believe he was here at all. I imagined this a number of times and they were all just as real to me. It seems such a waste to be tied now to just one.

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