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Mission Statement

Posted by on January 24, 2003

Hi friends.

Sometimes I will tell stories that actually happened and sometimes I will tell stories I only thought of in my head. There will be no distinction made. I’m keeping a blog because I like stringing sentences together every day. It’s an effort to propel myself towards a return to fiction writing. Also, a lot of times my head stories are more real to me than the actual stories, so it makes sense to me to present them as facts.

If the stories are bugging you, it’s okay with me if you stop reading. I promise not to give pop quizzes later to see if you’re keeping up. I’m hoping the writing style will improve as soon as I get used to telling stories again, but there’s no guarantee.

It’s also okay if you want to keep screaming LIAR LIAR in the comments section, to sort of give other people a heads up that the story I just told about you or someone you know isn’t true. Just know that I’m not trying to pull one over on you, so identifying the lies will hopefully be less critical in the future.

Your cousin,


3 Responses to Mission Statement

  1. kt

    aw, geez, this is like where clinton had to get on national tv and talk about whether the sex was really sex or not. who the fuck cares? it’s beautiful.

    especially the part with the thong.

  2. Jolie

    I don’t mind the lies at all. Stories are fun, and apparently pragmatic in the world of Carthage. Keep at it, my dear.

  3. sean

    Sorry if I’ve been shouting “Liar!” too much. Or even “ouroboros of deception” too much. Even though I knew at least part of the Allen story was false, that was the only one that really got my hopes up and made me feel bad to learn I had been had. Although it’s just as well, since the living room is a shambles anyway. He’d have to sleep on the floor, like a common indigenous villager, or, me while the paint in my room is drying. It’s better that he’s drinking apertifs, eating vegan crepes, and liberating Paris from the Nazi occupiers.

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