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Return of the Peacock

Posted by on January 23, 2003

Allen’s home!

Actually it was kind of anti-climactic. I called in sick to work this morning since it’s apparently going to be my week for stupid, destructive behavior, and when I wandered blearily out of the Lad’s room at around 10:00 he (Allen) was asleep on the couch in the living room. Apparently he showed up after the Lad and I went to bed, scratching at the door like a puppy, or a small child who you have locked out of the house.

He looks awfully cute when he’s sleeping. But I haven’t been waiting a year to watch him sleep, so I sat in the chair and idly kicked the cushion under his head until he woke up. Then we did the whole thing where you hug each other. Then he explained that even though he had found this perfect present for me, he lost it at the airport when someone walked off with one of his bags again . Then he tried and failed to account for what had happened to the scarf I loaned him when he left. Then I asked if he wanted to go to breakfast but there was that whole vegan/non-vegan problem to wade through. Apparently it’s okay to eat eggs in Chiapas next to a beautiful exotic foreign communist girl but the best I can hope for is shared coffee. But not the kind that exploits the indigenous people of the world.

Then Sean(e) woke up and they started making lists of the top ten reasons why one should never sleep on a friend’s couch and I pretty much gave up and wandered back here to blog. And that is my sad tale.

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