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After these messages

Posted by on January 15, 2003

Boy spots attractive girl sitting across the aisle from him on the bus.

Boy spots old old woman entering the bus.

Boy gallantly rises to give old woman his seat, incidentally moving himself closer to the girl.

Girl spots his game and is not displeased.

Can I get your number? says the boy.

Girl shrugs. I don’t have a pen, she says coyly.

No problem, says the boy. He whips out his do-it-yourself tattoo kit.

Next scene.

The boy jumps off the bus with a jaunty smile and the numbers 555-6173 etched into the skin of his arm and still bleeding. He turns to the camera and holds up a VHS tape with Guy Pearce’s face on the cover.

Announcer: Memento. The Freshmaker.

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